Sleepers & Hideouts

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Shop our easy-assembly pet beds, tents and specialty hideouts for your ferrets, rabbits, gerbils and other small pet animals at Big Al’s Pets. We carry woven grass pet beds that can be used inside or outside the cage for healthy chewing activity, playing and taking a nap. They are bargain buys for owners of sociable rabbits and other small animals.

We carry small pet hammocks that can accommodate up to three ferrets. We have tiny tents and sturdy small animal igloos that allow small mammals to play and practice their natural nesting instincts.

Shop our little edible huts designed specially for chinchillas. Most small animals love the taste of our edible snack shacks that double as treats and cozy sleeping places.

Also shop our all-wood small animal hideouts and colorful wooden stick shelters. These hideouts are adjustable to fit your pet spaces on floors or tabletops. We’re America’s small pet pros.