Grooming Supplies

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Your small furry pet will look and smell its best with our top brands in small animal grooming supplies at Big Al’s Pets. You won’t find lower prices anywhere else; we guarantee it with our famed price-match policy.

Enjoy bargain prices for top brands in de-shedding tools and other pet grooming supplies designed for small mammals. Shop our smart buys in odor eliminators. We have odor-eliminating sprays for cages, bedding and furniture. We have specialty additives made with natural ingredients to add to your small pet’s food or water to help prevent odors from the inside out.

We carry specialty shampoos and waterless shampoo sprays for rabbits and other small animals. Shop our scented daily spritzers with conditioners and odor neutralizers for ferrets and other small pets. Try our dust-free chinchilla bath sand to accommodate the special bathing habits of this bush-tailed mammal.

We also carry vitamins and supplements designed to encourage a healthier, shinier coat on small animals. Call America’s small pet pros with any questions about your furry friends.