Water Treatment

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Whether you have a snake, a lizard, a turtle or another type of reptile, it’s always smart to use treatment products for their water. At Big Al’s, we offer several effective reptile water treatment options to make sure that your pet stays happy and healthy. For water bowls and drip water systems, use gentle conditioners that remove chlorine and detoxifies ammonia and nitrates while also adding in healthy extras like ions and electrolytes. This simple step is a quick way to promote good health in your reptiles.

For turtle tanks, a sludge destroyer can make a huge difference in water clarity and purity. These products break down the organic waste that tends to build up in water-heavy habitats. Even if your pet’s water looks clean, it’s important to remember that tap water often contains some substances that aren’t harmful to humans but can be harmful to reptiles. To ensure the health and safety of your pets, make sure you order the proper water treatment products from Big Al’s.