Temperature Control

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Reptiles are pretty particular about what temperature feels right, so make sure they’re always comfortable by using temperature control products from Big Al’s. We have everything you need to regulate the temperature in your reptile’s terrarium or habitat. You’ll find thermometers to monitor temperature and hygrometers to check on humidity levels. We also have sensor thermostats which will adjust these habitat elements until they reach your preferred settings, giving your reptile the best possible environment at all times.

Many of our reptile temperature control products also come with great extra features. For example, you can program certain items to remind you to check conditions, provide a dose of medication or keep to a strict feeding schedule. You’ll also find thermostats which can drop temperatures at night to create a more realistic environment. Use these advanced temperature control products from Big Al’s Pets to keep any type of reptile, including snakes, lizards and turtles, healthy, happy and thriving in your home.