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When you own a reptile, lighting is a critical part of caring for your pets. You’ll need the right lights to make sure your reptile pals can grow, thrive and live a happy, healthy life. At Big Al’s Pets, you’ll find all the lighting products you might need to care for your reptiles. Whether you have a lizard, an iguana, a turtle, a snake or another reptilian pet, you’ll be able to create a custom lighting system when you shop on our site. We have everything from large terrarium hoods to single lamps and replacement bulbs. In fact, we offer well over 100 products to help meet your needs.

Because we offer such a huge selection of reptile lighting options, many customers filter their search according to price. With some smaller products offered for under $3 and complex systems costing over $100, there are options for every budget. Meanwhile, you can also search for the brands you prefer, such as Exo Terra, Zilla and Zoo Med. Our selection includes only high-quality, reliable products to ensure you get the performance you and your pet need.
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