Habitat Accessories

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If you want to create a unique, custom environment for your reptile, make sure you pick up some of these great habitat accessories from Big Al’s Pets. We carry a large assortment of terrarium and habitat products that enhance your pet’s daily experience and improve the appearance of your home. With these simple additions, your reptile’s everyday environment can become more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

You can add in unique, soothing waterfalls and other water features with a simple kit. To create a more natural experience for your pet, use a misting machine, rainfall system or humidifier to create their ideal climate. Prevent daring escapes with a terrarium lock, or buy some suction cups to place habitat features exactly where you want them. These are just some of the great habitat accessories you’ll find at Big Al’s. Plus, all of our reptile care and terrarium maintenance products come from brand names you can trust, such as Reptiles Planet, Zoo Med and Zilla.
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