Filter Media

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Your filter needs to be cared for regularly in order to provide the best environment for your reptiles. At Big Al’s Pets, you’ll find a variety of filter media products to help you maintain your filter as easily as possible. By using high-quality filter cartridges and other filter media products, you’ll reduce the frequency of filter maintenance while also creating a healthier habitat for your pets.

Our selection of filter media includes a number of cartridge options. It’s easy to find replacement cartridges that work with the type of filter you have since we have several options from top reptile care brands, including TetraFauna and Zoo Med. With these filter media products, your filter is better able to remove waste and debris. In addition, these cartridges often help to absorb odor so that your habitat won’t be a disturbance in your home. For all your reptile care needs, Big Al’s Pets offers the best products from trusted name brands at competitive prices.