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Maintaining balanced levels in your pond is essential not only for clear, odor-free water but also for the health of your fish and plants. At Big Al’s, you’ll find a variety of convenient and affordable testing kits to make sure your water is clean, fresh and safe. Each one provides simple, easy-to-use tools along with helpful instructions. You’ll be able to test for a number of factors, like copper and alkalinity, in just minutes in order to better understand the quality of your water. These are laboratory-quality testing products that offer accurate, quick results so that your pond maintenance is hassle-free.

Even if you’re new to water testing, these pond test kits make it easy to keep things safe. You’ll quickly get the hang of using these products to test your pond on a regular basis. As you continue to use them, you’ll notice that you’re better able to control your water quality, providing a clearer, cleaner environment where your plants and fish can thrive.