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Aquascape AquaJet Pumps

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  • Delivers energy-efficient performance and flow
  • Durable pre-filter cage prevents clogging and reduces maintenance
  • Includes 3 fountain heads and multi-hose adapter
  • Doubles as a winter pond de-icer
  • Includes a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty

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Product Description

The Aquascape AquaJet 600 submersible fountain, waterfall, and filter pump is designed to operate directly inside your pond. It features a durable pre-filter cage that surrounds and protects the entire pump. The pre-filter cage prevents leaves, algae, and other debris from clogging the pump and fountain heads. It also makes the AquaJet safe for use in ponds with fish.

The AquaJet 600 includes 3 different styles of fountain head fittings to choose from: a foaming jet fountain head, a waterbell fountain head, and a daisy fountain head. Adjustable riser stems make it simple to adjust the fountain head to different heights depending on the depth of the pond. A rotational socket at the base of the riser stem allows for easy leveling of the fountain during the initial installation. The threaded collar on this fitting enables the AquaJet to be installed and removed without the use of any tools.

The AquaJet 600 features a flow control valve which provides the ability to fine-tune the spray height and diameter. It also includes a diverter valve which allows a portion of the pump's water flow to be diverted to additional pond equipment if desired. Simply connect tubing to the diverter valve multi-hose style connecter, and you can supply water to external filters, UV clarifiers, ornamental spitters, etc. The AquaJet also includes a multi-hose adapter hosetail (1/2", 3/4", 1") which can also be used to supply water to other equipment when the fountain kit is not in use.

The AquaJet 600's fully submersible design makes it a great pump to be used as a winter pond de-icer. Simply remove the fountain fittings and replace with the included multi-hose adapter fitting. The pump's powerful flow of water will keep a hole open in the ice to ensure that critical oxygen levels are maintained in the pond during the colder winter months.

The AquaJet 600 pump is equipped with a magnetically-driven motor which makes it very energy efficient. The motor consists of only one moving part, the magnetic impeller. The outer pre-filter cage helps protect the pump from debris, and is easy to remove for cleaning. The simple design provides you with years of trouble-free performance, while also making the AquaJet easy to maintain.

The combination of energy efficient mag-drive performance and ease of maintenance makes the AquaJet 600 the pump and fountain kit of choice for discriminating pond owners. Recommended for use in ponds up to 1,200 gallons in size. Includes a 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty for quality assurance and peace of mind.

Additional Information

SKU 34911-M
Brand Aquascape

Additional Information

SKU 34911-M
Brand Aquascape