Plant Care

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If you want a pond that’s filled with gorgeous plants, make sure you give them the care they need to thrive. At Big Al’s, we offer a number of helpful products for pond plants that you may not have even known you needed. Our planters are incredibly helpful for giving your plants stability in their environment. These protective baskets and potting media make it easy for plants to grow securely in the exact location you choose. We even offer floating baskets for effective soil containment anywhere in your pond.

In addition to stability, your plants need adequate nutrition. Our plant foods are designed to promote growth and strength in pond plants. They’ll ensure that you get beautiful, lush plants in your pond for a serene, peaceful environment. With these simple tools, aquatic plant care is made easy, quick and mess-free. Check out these great pond plant care products from some of our favorite, trusted brand names, such as CrystalClear, Aquascape and Cobalt Pond.