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Did you know that many fish and plants are able to survive in a pond throughout the winter? Even cold temperatures aren’t a concern when you have one of these effective pond heating products from Big Al’s Pets. We offer several pond heating solutions to keep your pond water at the optimal temperature for the needs of your fish and plants. You’ll be able to maintain habitable conditions in your pond throughout every season thanks to these products. Though they are incredibly effective and efficient, the prices are still just as affordable as the other pond products you’ve found at Big Al’s.

With various power levels and sizes, it’s easy to find a pond heater than works for what you have at home. Each of these pond deicers helps to release harmful gases that can build up when ice forms. Meanwhile, it ensures that the proper oxygen levels are able to reach your pond plants and fish. This is one product that customers who live in colder climates simply can’t live without.