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Aquascape Pond Filter Urns

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  • Decorative filtration system for new and existing ponds
  • Provides effective mechanical and biological filtration
  • Blends easily into any pond environment
  • Virtually effortless to install and maintain
  • Designed for use with ponds up to 500 gallons in size

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Product Description

The Aquascape Pond Filter Urn is a decorative filtration system designed to provide mechanical and biological filtration to smaller ponds, including preformed ponds and container water gardens. It helps to provide crystal clear pond water and can incorporated into both new and existing ponds. It also quickly adds the sight and soothing sound of trickling water to ponds without streams and waterfalls. The included connection will accommodate most small pumps with a flow rate of up to 400 gph.

The Pond Filter Urn uses a specialized mechanical filtration pad to filter larger debris and particulates from your pond water. The included ceramic filtration rings provide beneficial bacteria with a large surface area for colonization, providing effective biolofical filtration. The decorative filter housing blends seamlessly into almost any setting, and the removable filter lid enables easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Installing the Pond Filter Urn couldn't be easier! After carefullly unpacking the Urn, gently rinse the included filtration media and place them inside the filter. Choose an area around your pond's edge and place the Urn in the desired location. Next, attach the pump to the 1/2" water hose connection, and then to the hose barb attachment on the Filter Urn. The final step is to plug in your water pump and enjoy!

Maintenance of your Pond Filter Urn is very easy, and simply requires that you rinse the included media periodically. You will know that it's time to clean your Filter Urn when the water starts to pour over the top of the safety overflow, bypassing the filtration media. To clean the media, fill a clean bucket with pond water and rinse the media within the container. Rinsing the media with chlorinated tap water may damage or kill the beneficial bacteria colonizing within.

The Small Aquascape Pond Urn Filter is designed for use with ponds up to 500 gallons in size. Pump sold separately.

Additional Information

SKU 34922-M
Brand Aquascape

Additional Information

SKU 34922-M
Brand Aquascape