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Marineland Contour Aquarium Kits

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  • 3 gallon rimless glass aquarium for desktops and small spaces
  • Features integrated multi-stage filtration and brilliant LED lighting
  • Rounded corners enable panoramic viewing of your aquatic creation
  • All-inclusive kit offers easy assembly, use, and maintainenance
  • Includes all the media required for highly efficient filtration

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Product Description

The Marineland Contour 3 is a plug-and-play rimless glass aquarium designed for desktops and other small spaces. Great for both freshwater and saltwater setups, this striking 3 gallon showpiece includes just about everything you need to get your feet wet in the fish-keeping hobby. It features rounded corners to enable panoramic viewing, and comes complete with integrated multi-stage filtration and brilliant LED lighting.

To preserve its clean and contemporary aesthetic, the Contour 3 is equipped with a hidden filtration system. Comprised of 3 highly effective stages, it runs tirelessly to help you maintain a clean, clear, and healthy aquarium. The filter is driven by an adjustable pump (30 - 75 gph), and returns water to the aquarium via a multi-directional output nozzle.

Mechanical Filtration - The floss component of the included Rite Size Z cartridge captures loose dirt and debris from the water, while also providing support to the biological filter.

Chemical Filtration - Premium activated carbon found inside the filter cartridge removes discoloration, odors, and impurities.

Biological Filtration - An included Bio-Foam block provides a porous surface for cultivating aerobic bacteria which eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite.

To accentuate the beauty of your fish and decor, the Contour 3 features a dazzling LED fixture that houses 12 ultra-bright LEDs (6 white and 6 blue). A convenient rocker switch enables you to cycle through the three operational modes: Daylight, Moonlight, and OFF.

Daylight - All 12 LEDs are operational. The bright white LEDs create a shimmering light that mimics natural sunlight, and the blue LEDs enhance the appearance of fish, plants, and decorations.

Moonlight - Only the 6 blue LEDs are operational. They produce a soothing moonlight glow that enables you to discreetly observe the nocturnal behaviors of your aquarium inhabitants.

Additional Information

SKU 41588-M
Brand Marineland

Additional Information

SKU 41588-M
Brand Marineland