Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps
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Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps

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  • Provides vital water circulation and oxygenation
  • Ideal for marine and delicate reef aquariums
  • Produces 850 gph at an energy-efficient 5 watts
  • Shaft-less impeller creates a wide, gentle flow pattern
  • Features Hydor's patented magnetic support system

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Product Description

Don't miss out on the power of Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps. No matter the size of your standard tank, a Hydor Koralia pump provides crucial circulation with energy efficiency.

Give your aquarium pets an engaging current while eliminating dead flow spots. The Hydor pump evolution series features a new and improved vibration absorbing magnet-suction cup mounting system, a more compact design making them easier to conceal, and a new shaft-less impeller technology with unique impeller design, allowing for a wide and gentle flow pattern.

Get high flow even at low power. The Hydor Koralia powerhead consumes 50 percent less power while creating 20 percent more water circulation. These pumps are capable of being controlled with a timer like the Hydor Smartwave pump controller.

The Koralia Evolution pumps consume 50% less power, while providing 20% more water flow. They are also controllable, as they can be connected to a timer such as the Hydor Smartwave pump controller.

Ideal for marine and reef tanks. Different models serve different tank volumes.

Additional Information

SKU 61150-M
Brand Hydor

Additional Information

SKU 61150-M
Brand Hydor