Fluval SPEC Desktop Aquarium Kits
Fluval SPEC III Desktop Aquarium Kit - Black - 2.6 gal Fluval SPEC V Desktop Aquarium Kit - Black - 5 gal

Fluval SPEC Desktop Aquarium Kits

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  • Eye-catching 2.6 gallon aquarium for desktops and small spaces
  • Ultra-modern design features etched glass and aluminum trim
  • Efficient 3-stage filtration keeps water clean and crystal clear
  • 7,500K LED light enhances appearance of fish, plants, and décor
  • User-friendly system promotes effortless setup and maintenance

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Product Description

The Fluval SPEC III is a 2.6 gallon designer aquarium for desktops, tabletops, and other small spaces. Embellished with frosted glass and aluminum trim, this eye-catching creation adds style and sophistication to any home or office environment. It offers user-friendly setup and maintenance, and comes packed with in-demand features such as multi-stage filtration and LED lighting.

The SPEC III features a seamlessly integrated filtration system that consists of three highly effective stages. This impressive filter is powered by a 39 gph adjustable circulation pump, and includes all the required filter media. A multi-directional output nozzle allows you to control how the crystal-clear return water flows back into the aquarium.

Mechanical Filtration - A large porous foam block removes free-floating debris and particulates from the water, while also providing support to the biological filter. It comes with a convenient carry handle for effortless maintenance, and features designated cutouts to house the other two media types.

Chemical Filtration - A nylon pouch filled with premium, research-grade carbon quickly removes discoloration, heavy metals, odors, and organic pollutants from your aquarium water.

Biological Filtration - A second nylon pouch packed with Bio-Max ceramic rings provides a complex pore structure in which beneficial bacteria can thrive. Enhances the bio-filter to promote a healthier aquarium environment.

To highlight the brilliant colors of your fish, plants and decor, the Fluval SPEC III comes equipped with a powerful LED fixture. Supported by a sleek aluminum arm, this energy-efficient light features 31 high luminosity LEDs controlled by a 2-way on/off switch. They emit a 7,500 K spectrum and virtually no heat, making the SPEC III suitable for growing various aquatic plants (to maximize your odds of success, check the lighting requirements of your plants prior to introduction).

The Fluval SPEC III is a blank canvas that's just waiting for your personalized touch. It includes a cULus listed, low voltage power supply for safety, and offers peace of mind with a 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Additional Information

SKU 1920-M
Brand Fluval

Additional Information

SKU 1920-M
Brand Fluval

More about the brand

The Rolf C. Hagen Group of Companies, more commonly known as Hagen Inc, is a pet supplies company founded in 1955 by brothers Rolf, Horst, Dieter Hagen. Hagen's Fluval, Marina, NutraFin and AquaClear brands all specialize in the aquarium hobby, offering filtration systems and media, aquarium lighting, water pumps, aeration and heating equipment, aquarium décor, aquarium maintenance supplies and more! Hagen's Exo-Terra division specializes in reptiles and invertebrates, manufacturing high quality terrariums and terrarium products as well as playing an active role in reptile research and conservation. Hagen also carries other popular brands such as Nutrience products for cats and dogs and Living World products for small pets and birds. Since their founding in 1955, Hagen has grown to become one of the world's largest privately-owned, multi-national manufacturers of pet products. Fun Fact: The popular vampire crab species Geosesarma hagen is actually named after Hagen Inc, owing to their support of the zoological researchers who scientifically described the species. Check out our wide selection of Hagen pet products here at Big Al's Pets.