Water Testing Equipment

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Whether your fish live in a freshwater or saltwater environment, making sure they have optimal living conditions is a top concern for all fish keepers. That’s why Big Al’s Pets offers such a great selection of aquarium water testing equipment. We have dozens of different products that are tailor-made for various types of aquatic environments, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need in this collection. Even better, many of our products are on sale, and everything is competitively priced to offer you the best value.

Our assortment of aquarium water testing products include a number of different test strip kits. These offer a fast and easy solution for some of the most common aquarium water testing needs, including pH, ammonia and nitrate. You’ll also find convenient test kits that are designed for specific aquarium needs, like growing healthy corals, controlling algae or working with saltwater aquariums. Some kits contain a few tests while others contain upwards of 50 or even 75 tests. No matter what your aquarium water testing needs may be, you’ll find the right products to get it done at Big Al’s Pets.
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