Rossmont Mover M/MX-Series Circulation Pumps
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Rossmont Mover M/MX-Series Circulation Pumps

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  • Ultra-compact circulation pump with powerful 900 gph flow rate
  • Produces desirable turbulence to simulate real ocean currents
  • Features a 120° field of flow - includes optional 60° concentrator
  • Vibration Absorbing System (VAS) ensures silent operation
  • Magnetic support with articulating joint offers ultimate flexibility

Product Description

Maintaining adequate water circulation is an integral part of successful aquarium keeping, as it promotes proper gas exchange, supports filtration, discourages algae growth, and much more.

To help you satisfy this vital requirement, Rossmont introduces the Mover M900 Circulation Pump. This versatile and energy-efficient (6 W) pump replicates naturally-occurring conditions to promote the enduring health of your freshwater, marine, or reef aquarium system.

Proclaimed as the world's smallest in its category, the Mover M900 delivers a level of performance you'd expect from a much larger pump. This compact unit dishes out an impressive 900 gph, producing a wide and gentle flow that won't disturb your aquarium's inhabitants.

In its standard configuration, the M900 features a 120° field of flow. It generates a desirable turbulence that simulates real ocean currents, making it ideal for use with both soft and hard corals. For larger aquariums and applications requiring more focused flow, an optional 60° concentrator nozzle is also included.

To guarantee silent operation, the M900 employs Rossmont's Vibration Absorbing System (VAS). This unique setup incorporates a series of vulcanized rubber insulation components to dampen vibrations before they can be transmitted into your aquarium and surrounding environment.

While primarily designed for 24/7 operation, the M900 is compatible with programmable timers (including more basic lighting timers). It includes a detachable protection grid that prevents even the smallest fish from entering the propeller chamber when the pump is switched off. For optimal pump performance, the manufacturer recommends a minimum on/off cycle time of 6 hours.

To reduce maintenance and extend pump life, the Mover M900 features Rossmont's Auto Cleaning System (ACS). This network of carefully positioned vents forces water through the pump's mechanical parts to provide constant lubrication and self-cleaning action. A handy cleaning brush is also included to assist with more thorough cleanings.

For maximum installation flexibility, the Mover M900 comes equipped with a low-profile magnetic support that can be positioned anywhere in your aquarium. It accommodates glass up to 0.6" thick, and features an articulating ball joint that enables you to direct the pump's output in any direction. Supports for thicker glass - 3/4" and 1" - are also available (sold separately).

The Rossmont Mover M900 is designed, assembled, and tested in Italy. It is manufactured using the highest quality materials, and comes backed by an industry-leading 3 year manufacturer's warranty. Recommended for freshwater aquariums ranging from 40 - 60 gallons and marine/reef aquariums ranging from 25 - 40 gallons.

Additional Information

SKU 76000-M
Brand Rossmont

Additional Information

SKU 76000-M
Brand Rossmont