Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pumps
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Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pumps

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  • GPH ranges from 210 to 1050 & max head pressure is 10.5 ft (3.2 m)
  • Includes barbed inlet & outlet fittings 1/2" & 3/4" with microUSB cable
  • Includes rubber mounting brackets as well as molded prefilter assembly
  • Includes a LOOP Pump HUB manifold featuring optimal flow dial control
  • Includes high-quality UL approved 24VDC transformer with instructions

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Product Description

Bring the ultimate source of oxygenation into your aquarium with the Current USA eFlux DC Flow Pump 1050. This pump will create and maintain perfect living conditions for a successful hobbyist experience. With safe low voltage, you save up to 65% of energy; however, eFlux DC Flow Pumps demonstrate a super quiet operation, strong and adjustable water flow and high pressure. Its magnetic drive technology and sealed DC motor can be submerged or used inline for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Beneficially you can connect this pump to the LOOP network and add Feed Mode to your aquarium. This automatically idles the pump at 30% for up to 10 minutes so that fish can easily feed in a stress-free setting. For whatever reason, if no water is present in your aquarium it has an IC electronic detection which protects the pump in this situation. Also, it sends active feedback to the HUB and LEDs to indicate any possible pump issues. Set-up equipment is provided for super easy and quick assembly. Keep the water flowing to keep your aquarium going!

Whats Included

  • eFlux Dc Flow Pump
  • Rubber Mounting Brackets
  • Molded Prefilter Assembly
  • Barbed Inlet & Outlet Fittings
  • LOOP Pump HUB Manifold with flow dial control
  • Micro USB Cable
  • UL Approved 24VDC Transformer
  • Instructions

Additional Information

SKU 73670-M
Brand Current USA

Additional Information

SKU 73670-M
Brand Current USA

More about the brand

Based in Vista, California, Current USA is an aquarium technology company that is specializes in developing solutions to modernize and simplify various aspects of the aquarium hobby. From water pumps and filtration systems to advanced lighting and wireless control, Current USA is a leader in specialized aquarium equipment. With over 25 years of aquarium lighting innovation under their belt, the company owns some of the most popular brands in the aquarium lighting category, including Orbit Marine LEDs, Satellite Freshwater LEDs, and TrueLumen Pro Retrofit LEDs. Their eFlux line of wave and DC flow pumps are great for creating wide water circulation, improving water quality and promoting strong coral growth and fish health. Their latest innovation, LOOP, is the first wireless control system designed to connect and sync aquarium lights, pumps and accessories into a single network that is controllable via an IR remote or the intuitive LOOP app. Current USA also manufactures other aquarium products such as their SunPaq and SmartPaq compact fluorescent lamps, their AquaChef automatic fish feeders, and their Subcurrent internal filtration systems. Check out our selection of Current USA's aquarium equipment and products available here at Big Al's Pets.