Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heaters
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Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heaters

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  • Modern, super flat design
  • Easy to set "one touch" system
  • Accurate electronic thermostat (±0.5 degrees F)
  • LEDs display set and actual temperature
  • Shatterproof outer casing protects electrical components

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Product Description

The Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater combines innovative technology, modern design, and user-friendly operation. Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater applications, this versatile, European-made heater has a functional range of 66 to 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fully submersible Neo-Therm heater boasts an ultra-flat design making it easy to conceal, and features a shatterproof outer casing to protect its sophisticated electronics. It employs a microprocessor-controlled thermostat, enabling it to maintain consistent accuracy to within ±0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Setting and adjusting the Cobalt Neo-Therm heater couldn't be easier thanks to its easy-to-use "one-touch" system. Once programmed, it simultaneously displays both the set and current temperatures using bright, multi-colored LEDs. A removable suction cup mounting bracket is included to allow quick and easy installation.

To ensure safe and reliable performance, the Cobalt Neo-Therm comes equipped with thermal protection circuitry. This failsafe automatically cuts power to the heater to prevent damage from uncharacteristic overheating. To protect the precious inhabitants of your aquarium system, the Neo-Therm also features an audible alarm that will sound in the event that the actual temperature exceeds the set temperature. Finally, for ultimate peace of mind, the Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater is backed by a 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

The 25 watt Neo-Therm submersible heater is suitable for aquariums 2 to 4 gallons in size.

Additional Information

SKU 34213-M
Brand Cobalt Aquatics

Additional Information

SKU 34213-M
Brand Cobalt Aquatics