Seachem Flourish Advance
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Seachem Flourish Advance

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  • Phytohormone, mineral & nutrient aquatic plant supplement
  • Significantly stimulates the development of roots and shoots
  • Increases mineral absorption for battling tougher diseases
  • 10-14 days of regular use, roots, stems & plants start growth
  • All natural, organic and dramatically effective plant enhancer

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Product Description

Flourish Advance by Seachem is a natural phytohormone supplement for planted aquariums, with minerals and nutrients necessary to regulate and enhance plant growth. This growth enhancer boosts mineral absorption allowing your plants to battle harsher diseases and dramatically stimulate the growth of roots and shoots. Flourish Advance should be used regularly for excellent results. Root growth begins growing after 10-14 days with steady use, where leaves and stems of plants will significantly begin to grow.

Additional Information

SKU 28679-M
Brand Seachem

Additional Information

SKU 28679-M
Brand Seachem

More about the brand

Owned and operated by experienced hobbyists, chemists and biologists, Seachem Laboratories is an independent, privately-owned company that specializes in developing products for the aquarium hobby. Years of research and innovation has made Seachem a staple brand among aquarists, who depend on the company's specialized products to keep their tanks in top form. Seachem is well-known for their water conditioners and aquarium additives that are highly effective in improving and maintaining optimal water quality and composition in any type of aquarium. They also develop and manufacture medications that are used to treat bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral infections, including KanaPlex, NeoPlex, SulfaPlex, MetroPlex, Focus, and PolyGuard. Seachem's other product brands include the Pinnacle+ line of RO/DI units, Aquavitro which offers reef-centric aquarium products, and JurassiPet which produces a full line of reptile, amphibian and land crustacean products. As part of their ongoing efforts in wildlife and environmental conservation, Seachem Laboratories is an active donor and supporter in the battle against rhino and elephant poaching. Browse our wide selection of Seachem aquarium products here at Big Al's Pets.