Plant Care

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Live aquarium plants create natural beauty and a comfortable environment in your aquarium, so why not give them the same great care that you give your fish? At Big Al’s Pets, you’ll find dozens of great aquarium plant care products that will help your plants look better and last longer. You’ll love that our vast selection includes care products for a wide variety of plants and water conditions. Plus, our competitive prices ensure that you won’t overspend on taking quality care of your live aquarium plants.

These aquarium plant care products include the basics as well as more advanced systems for ensuring long plant life. You’ll love that you can use plant anchors and live plant substrates to create your preferred arrangement of plants on your aquarium floor. From there, our fertilizers and additives help you provide proper nutrition and optimal water conditions to your plants without disturbing the health of your fish. For a more advanced setup, consider purchasing one of our many CO2 systems, which maintain the perfect CO2 levels in your tank for healthy plant growth and vitality
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