Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Lighting Systems
Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Lighting System - E-45 - 18" to 24" Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Lighting System - E-60 - 24" to 36" Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Lighting System - E-90 - 36" to 48" Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Lighting System - E-120 - 48" to 60"

Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Lighting Systems

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  • 24-hour lighting solution produces brilliant full spectrum output
  • Features 2 fully adjustable channels: 8,000K Daylight & RGB
  • Excellent for Cichlid, planted, and marine fish-only aquariums
  • Fully customizable with controller and 28-button wireless remote
  • Explore preset colors and on-demand dynamic lighting modes!

Product Description

Discover the full potential and true beauty of you aquatic world with the E-Series LED Lighting System. Yet another bright idea from the talented engineers at Ecoxotic, this 24-hour lighting solution produces brilliant full spectrum output, offers exceptionally flexible control, and delivers remarkable energy efficiency (E-30 draws only 16 watts at full power!). Whether you have a planted paradise, a Cichlid sanctuary or a marine masterpiece, the E-Series is an obvious choice for aquarists demanding superior quality and performance.

The E-Series LED light features two fully adjustable channels employing the perfect combination of white daylight (8,000K) and RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) LEDs. Specifically, the E-30 holds 8 white and 2 RGB LED chips. It produces spectacular color rendition and shimmer for a visually enhanced aquascape, and provides a healthy dose of PAR to support aquatic plant growth. To promote uniform light coverage and seamless color blending, all E-Series fixtures are equipped with dual polished reflectors and 120° optics.

Harnessing the full power of your E-Series light couldn't be easier with the included LED controller. Working in tandem with its 28-button IR remote, this sophisticated module enables you to wirelessly manage your light output without a computer or complicated software. Designed for user-friendly operation, the controller can be programmed to regulate a natural 24-hour photoperiod and simulate gradual (15 minute) sunrise and sunset conditions. It also provides access to the fixture's more advanced features and functionality.

Programming your E-Series light fixture is a simple and straightforward process. Once the current and desired on/off times are set, you can begin to explore the extensive customization potential of this versatile system. Fine-tune the color spectrum and intensity level of the daylight and moonlight cycles (or choose from the 4 preset color profiles), use the 2 available memory slots to store your favorite custom blends, and activate any of the 4 on-demand dynamic lighting modes: Moonlight, Thunderstorm with Lightning, Cloud Cover, and Soft Color Fade.

Preset Color Profiles

Sunlight - provides a soft white color temperature similar to a lower Kelvin spectrum like 6,500K. Great for planted aquariums and fish with orange and yellow coloration.

Full Spectrum - excellent for heavily planted aquariums, this color spectrum runs all of the white, red, green, and blue LEDs at full power.

Crisp Blue - similar to a 10,000K spectrum. Emits a very crisp white light with a blue hue. Recommended for Cichlids and other fish.

Deep Water - an amazing color for many aquarium fish. White mixed with a bit of blue and red makes fish colors pop!

To ensure safe operation in an aquatic setting, the E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light features a sleek aluminum housing with IP65 water-resistant rating. This cool-running fixture dissipates heat without fans, and redirects any residual heat away from your aquarium to prevent transfer. Its integrated LED driver eliminates the need for a cumbersome ballast, and it includes a pair of adjustable mounting docks to enable quick and easy installation. This E-30 model is designed to fit framed and frameless aquariums ranging from 12" to 18" in width. RoHS compliant, cULus listed, and backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

What's Included:

(1) x E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light
(1) x E-Series RGBW LED Controller
(1) x Velcro Strip for LED Controller
(1) x Wireless IR Remote with Extra Battery
(1) x 24VDC Transformer/Power Adapter
(2) x Adjustable Mounting Docks
(1) x Manual/Programming Instructions

Additional Information

SKU 50116-M
Brand Ecoxotic

Additional Information

SKU 50116-M
Brand Ecoxotic