Current USA Orbit Marine PRO LED Saltwater Reef Lighting Systems
Current USA Orbit Marine PRO LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System - 18" to 24" Current USA Orbit Marine PRO LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System - 24" to 36" Current USA Dual Orbit Marine PRO Saltwater Reef Lighting System  - 24" to 36" Current USA Dual Orbit Marine PRO Saltwater Reef Lighting System  - 72"

Current USA Orbit Marine PRO LED Saltwater Reef Lighting Systems

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  • Produces the parameters to support SPS and LPS corals
  • Offers the PAR, light spectrum, and wavelengths needed
  • Features Ramp Timer Pro Controller with wireless remote
  • Customize the daylight and actinic lighting individually!
  • Pre-programmed lighting schedules and weather effects

Product Description

The Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED offers additional light, color, and a more vivid appearance than its predecessor. Utilizing 42 dual daylight and dual actinic LEDs, at a mere 21 watts, this high-tech, energy-efficient light fixture produces a full spectrum output like no other! Combining 6,500K/8,000K, indigo, 445nm, 415nm, and 453nm multi-chip LEDs, it provides the PAR, light spectrum, and necessary wavelengths to support strong growth and brilliant color in SPS and LPS corals. Along with the addition of the specialized dome optics, your aquarium will be tremendously luminescent throughout!

With an attractive, sleek design, the Orbit Marine Pro will integrate beautifully with any aquarium set up. Its aluminum exterior construction allows it to easily dispel any heat that may be generated, allowing it to operate without the use of cooling fans. Including an IP65 water-resistant rating, its is specifically designed for use with aquariums, especially saltwater applications. Finally, with its fully adjustable mounting legs, this high performance lighting fixture is designed to accommodate aquariums ranging from 18" to 24" in size, including frameless designs!

Featured with the Orbit Marine Pro, the Ramp Timer Pro LED Controller is the key to optimizing and customizing its features to its fullest capability. Not only is it a timer, this state-of-the-art piece of technology can be programmed to simulate a gradual sunrise, sunset, and moonlight conditions, as well as realistic weather conditions. Customize the time schedule to your preferences and the unique needs of your aquatic inhabitants. It also features an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen, with a versatile 28-buttom remote. The completely wireless remote allows you have full control of your settings from a distance, and can even be used on multiple fixtures!

Included LEDs:

  • 12 x Royal Blue - 445nm
  • 12 x Deep Blue - 453nm
  • 4 x Ultraviolet - 415nm
  • 6 x Cool White - 8,000K
  • 6 x Warm White - 6,500K
  • 2 x Magenta - Indigo
  • Additional Information

    SKU 73787-M
    Brand Current USA

    Additional Information

    SKU 73787-M
    Brand Current USA

    More about the brand

    Based in Vista, California, Current USA is an aquarium technology company that is specializes in developing solutions to modernize and simplify various aspects of the aquarium hobby. From water pumps and filtration systems to advanced lighting and wireless control, Current USA is a leader in specialized aquarium equipment. With over 25 years of aquarium lighting innovation under their belt, the company owns some of the most popular brands in the aquarium lighting category, including Orbit Marine LEDs, Satellite Freshwater LEDs, and TrueLumen Pro Retrofit LEDs. Their eFlux line of wave and DC flow pumps are great for creating wide water circulation, improving water quality and promoting strong coral growth and fish health. Their latest innovation, LOOP, is the first wireless control system designed to connect and sync aquarium lights, pumps and accessories into a single network that is controllable via an IR remote or the intuitive LOOP app. Current USA also manufactures other aquarium products such as their SunPaq and SmartPaq compact fluorescent lamps, their AquaChef automatic fish feeders, and their Subcurrent internal filtration systems. Check out our selection of Current USA's aquarium equipment and products available here at Big Al's Pets.