Coralife LED Aqualight with Lunar Aquarium Light Fixtures
Coralife LED Aqualight with Lunar Aquarium Light Fixture - 30" Coralife LED Aqualight with Lunar Aquarium Light Fixture - 48"

Coralife LED Aqualight with Lunar Aquarium Light Fixtures

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  • Versatile LED fixture for freshwater, saltwater, and reef aquariums
  • High performance output can grow freshwater plants and corals
  • Comes preloaded with five interchangeable 3 watt LED Tri-Lamps
  • Tri-Lamps are easily customized to create custom color profiles
  • Also features directional lunar LEDs, integrated cooling, and more!

Product Description

The Coralife LED Aqualight is a powerful, energy-efficient lighting system that includes a variety of innovative features. Suitable for freshwater, saltwater and reef environments, this versatile fixture includes customizable LED Tri-Lamps, directional lunar blue LEDs, a three cord power system, and integrated cooling fans. The intense output produced by this high performance fixture will help you grow and sustain live freshwater plants, large polyped and some small polyped stony corals.

The 24" Coralife LED Aqualight comes preloaded with five LED Tri-Lamps (2 x 60/40, 2 x 10,000K, and 1 x Colormax), and features 4 covered sockets to accommodate additional lamps. Each 3 watt LED Tri-Lamp is removable, replaceable and interchangeable, enabling you to increase the light output and customize the light color. Actinic Bluelight and Trichromatic Tri-Lamps are also available (sold separately).

Coralife LED Tri-Lamps

10,000K Daylight - These lamps are an excellent choice for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Each 10,000K Daylight LED Tri-Lamp contains 3 cool white LEDs, and casts a sparkling white, bright light to simulate the midday tropical sun.

Actinic Bluelight - These lamps enhance the natural beauty and vibrant color of your aquatic inhabitants. Emulating the softer shade of blue light found at dawn, dusk, and in deeper water, they promote photosynthesis in corals and live plants. Each Actinic Bluelight LED Tri-Lamp contains 3 blue, 450nm LEDs.

60/40 - Each of these lamps contains 1 blue and 2 cool white LEDs. They produce a combination of brilliant 10,000K Daylight and Actinic Bluelight to accentuate the fluorescent attributes of fish and corals.

Trichromatic - Trichromatic lamps cast a soft blend of red, blue, and white color that promotes photosynthesis in corals and plants. Each Lamp contains a red, blue, and cool white LED.

Colormax - Each Colormax LED Tri-Lamp contains 1 red and 2 cool white LEDs. They cast a warm glow, enhancing the natural beauty of your tropical fish and live plants.

The Coralife LED Aqualight features two directional lunar blue LEDs, which can be positioned to provide moon glow accent lighting throughout your aquarium. It also comes equipped with three separate power cords to allow for daylight, sunrise/sunset and moonlight options, as well as covered, water-tight switches. To efficiently manage the heat generated by this powerful light fixture, two integrated cooling fans with quick disconnect couplings are included. This advanced lighting system is supported by extremely sturdy mounting legs, that secure easily to the frame of your aquarium.

Additional Information

SKU 13762-M
Brand Coralife

Additional Information

SKU 13762-M
Brand Coralife

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Now a subsidiary of Central Garden & Pet Company, Energy Savers Unlimited (ESU) was founded in 1981 in Carson, United States and has since grown to become the market leading U.S. supplier of sophisticated aquarium lighting systems as well as environmental controls and conditioners. ESU is particularly well known for their specialized, high intensity lighting systems designed specifically for the aquatic, reptile and avian hobbyist markets. The company also markets and sells a broad range of reptile, marine, freshwater and avian accessories and consumables to hobbyists and enthusiasts. It sells its products under the brand names Energy Savers, Coralife, Pondlife, and Birdlife. Browse our catalogue of Aqueon products for new and experienced fishkeepers here at Big Al's Pets.