Eheim Pro 4+ Canister Filters
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Eheim Pro 4+ Canister Filters

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  • Maintains the performance and efficiency of it's predecessors
  • Still implements self-priming, prefilter, and safety adapters!
  • New Range Xtender Function lengthens time between cleanings
  • "Xtender" button helps in the event that fine filter-media clogs
  • Features a lower power consumption and an all black exterior

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Product Description

Maintaining the integrity of it's predecessors, the Eheim Pro 4+ Canister Filter boasts powerful performance, optimal energy-efficiency, and quiet operation. Still implementing it's notorious automatic self-priming aid, top prefilter, and safety hose adapters with locking mechanism, easy, convenient operation remains abundantly present. The Eheim Pro 4+ also includes the newly added "Xtender" button.

The Range Xtender Function is a helpful addition as it lengthens the time between routine cleanings, by using a bypass which skips over the fine filter pad. This feature proves to be very helpful during the event that your fine filter-media becomes clogged, or to perform extensive clean-up after disturbing substrate. Along with the "Xtender" button, this heavy-duty filter now features a lower power consumption than previous models, and a sleek, all black appearance!

This particular Eheim Pro 4+ 250 (2271) model is ideal for use with saltwater or freshwater aquariums ranging from 30 to 65 gallons. It pushes water out at an exceptional 250 gallons per hour, at a mere 12 watts! Employing 2 individual filter baskets within it's "Easy Clean" grid, and including the appropriate mechanical, biological, and chemical media, your aquarium water will be crystal clear in no time at all! Implement the system with ease with the included installation equipment and detailed manual.

Additional Information

SKU 6665-M
Brand Eheim

Additional Information

SKU 6665-M
Brand Eheim

More about the brand

EHEIM is a leading manufacturer of aquariums, aquarium parts and fish keeping equipment. Founded in Germany by Gunther Eheim, the company has been a leader in the aquarium hobby for over 55 years. From aquarium filters and air pumps to LED lighting and fish food, EHEIM has grown to become a household brand for fish keepers and aquarium enthusiasts all over the world. Along with its subsidiaries Mueller and Pfleger, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing internal and external filters, hang-on filters, all associated filter media (mechanical, biological, chemical, and adsorptive), water pumps, air pumps, fish feeders, gravel cleaners, aquarium and terrarium starter kits, as well as ReeflexUV UV sterilizers and Jäger aquarium heaters. Fun fact: Today's widely used suction-based aquarium filter was invented by EHEIM back in 1963, when they combined the functionality of a centrifugal pump with a water cleaning tank. Browse our wide selection of EHEIM parts and products here at Big Al's Pets.