API Filstar XP Canister Filters
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API Filstar XP Canister Filters

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  • Recommended for aquariums up to 45 gallons
  • Powerful 250 gph flow rate
  • Self-priming system for easy start-up
  • Designed for bypass-free water circulation
  • Includes all media, hoses, and accessories

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Product Description

The API Filstar XP-S is an ultra-powerful multi-stage filter designed to produce perfectly balanced, crystal clear water. This highly versatile 250 gph system is easy to use and maintain, and operates so silently it can be used anywhere. It offers several set-up options making it adaptable to fit the individual needs of your aquarium, and includes a host of innovative and convenient features.

The Filstar XP-S is designed with a one-time, self-priming system for easy start-up. It primes in seconds, without the need for hand-pumping or messy manual-siphoning. It also features a high media capacity, and includes a large media basket that can be customized depending on the unique needs of your aquarium and its inhabitants. The media basket is easily accessible for hassle-free maintenance, and features integrated carry handles for added convenience.

The advanced design of the XP-S ensures that water consistently flows through the contained media basket instead of around it for bypass-free circulation. This means that only fully filtered, crystal clear water is circulated back into your aquarium. A Quick-Disconnect with Self-Locking Water Shutoff is also incorporated into the design. When opened, the quick-disconnect valve stops water flow allowing you to disengage the assembly and perform leak-free regularly scheduled maintenance.

The XP-S filter was designed for long-lasting operation, and is fabricated using only the highest quality materials. This durable and dependable filter is more than capable of standing up to the rigors of everyday use without compromising performance. The clever design of the XP-S provides effortless access to media baskets, impeller, and shaft for cleaning, maintenance, or replacement. Lastly, a large integrated rubber base completely dampens vibrations to ensure silent operation, while providing a sturdy grip to keep your Filstar XP-S in place.

The API Filstar XP-S allows users to fully customize the configuration of filter media to best suit the requirements of the intended application. The XP-S includes the following combination of advanced biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration media to provide exceptional water quality and promote optimal fish health:

Micro-Filtration Pad - This ultra-fine media captures the finest particulate matter (e.g. waste and sediment) from your aquarium. Helps remove cloudy water for a sparkling "polish".

Bio-Chem Stars (sample) - Establishes optimal and long-lasting biological balance. Provides extensive surface area for the growth of beneficial bacterial colonies which remove ammonia and nitrite.

Bio-Chem Zorb - Removes organic aquarium pollutants including colors, odors, heavy metals, and toxic gases. Also removes light-blocking impurities for improved growth of corals in saltwater and plants in freshwater.

Foam 30 ppi - This coarse foam pad filters small waste particles such as food remains and small gravel excrements. Replace every 3 months.

The API Filstar XP-S is a feature-packed, multi-stage system that delivers highly effective biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration for a variety of diverse applications. The XP-S is ideal for use with both freshwater and saltwater aquariums systems up to 45 gallons in size.

The API Filstar XP-S includes:
  • 1 Micro filtration - (17663)
  • 1 Bio-Chem Zorb Size 6 (2332)
  • 5 Bio-Chem Stars (sample size)
  • 30 PPI Foam (17654)

The Manufacturer recommends adding 1 additional pouch in size 6, out of the following to your aquarium; such as the included Bio-Chem Zorb (2332), the sold separately Nitra-Zorb (2334), Phos Zorb (2335) or the Super Activated Carbon (17659). It is also recommended to use 8-10 Bio-Chem Stars 10 pk (17505) or 20 pk (17661); sold separately.

Additional Information

SKU 17650-M
Brand API

Additional Information

SKU 17650-M
Brand API

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Since 1964, MARS Fishcare has been a player in the aquatics industry, manufacturing and supplying aquarium and pond products through their API, Rena, PondCare and Aquarian brands. The company's product portfolio includes everything from algaecides, medications and supplements to water conditioners, canister and power filters. The North American aquatics company is credited with the development of the API Easy Care Guide to help hobbyists care for and extend the life of their aquatic pets. Their comprehensive program breaks down fishkeeping into six easy-to-follow steps: start up and water changes, adding fish, regular care, plant care, solving water problems, and solving fish problems. MARS Fishcare also produces aquarium test kits and other aquarium accessories. Check out our wide selection of MARS Fishcare products for fish, ponds, reptiles and plants here at Big Al's Pets.