Training & Behavior

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Training your dog is easier with our great doggie training gear from Big Al’s Pets. These behavioral tools for dogs are by top names, but at our everyday discount prices. We carry dog head collars by Holt with padded nosebands that will help you gently stop your pet from pulling away during walks.

The 50-pack Quick results Training Pads by Nature’s Miracle are multi-layer pads that are treated with a fresh grass scent to help you house train your canine. This go-here scent will help train your dog to go outside, not inside your closet. An all-natural bittering agent in our No-Chew Trainer by Complete will discourage your dog from chewing, biting or scratching itself or chewing on other surfaces.

Sentry’s Calming Collar for dogs is infused with the soothing scents of lavender and chamomile to calm them in stressful situations, whether it’s a new visitor, a new baby or a thunderstorm. Shoo by Sergeant’s is a spray repellent designed to keep dogs or cats away from garbage cans, shrubs, furniture and more. Just spray it where you don’t want them to go. Browse all our great finds in dog training accessories. You will be soon be collecting compliments about your well-behaved dog.
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