Health Care

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Keep your dog healthy with our line of specialty dog health products at Big Al’s Pets. We have all-animal skin care spray to clean and treat wounds and infections with a steroid-free and antibiotic-free solution by Vetericyn. We have multivitamins in tasty chew tab form that are vet-recommended for older dogs.

Shop our specialty canine toothpastes and bargain prices on top brands in skin and coat care easy-to-feed liquids. Vet-recommended brewer’s yeast and garlic tablets in the economical 250-pack will help control shedding while promoting a healthy coat. The multi-textured design of Dental Pro Action Chews by Nylabone will fight plaque and clean teeth. We carry gels for irritated doggie eyes and ear cleaning liquids.

We have sanitary Flash Pants by Four Paws for female dogs in season. For puppies and dogs prone to excitable urination, we have diaper garments with disposable diaper garment pads. We also Carry Four Paws’ Potty Mouth prevention tablets to deter pets from consuming feces — a habit known as Coprophagia.
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