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If you are searching for an affordable place to buy all of your dog food supplies, then check out the fabulous selection at Big Al’s Pets. You will find all of the top brands such as Blue Buffalo, Life Stages, Diamond Naturals and more. Big Al’s Pets carries a wide assortment of dog food for both puppies and adult dogs. Puppies and adult dogs should not eat the same food. Puppies require more protein that grownup dogs. Growing puppies also require food that is higher in calories than grown dogs do. There is a difference between large and small breed puppy food, adult large and small breeds as well as senior dogs too. Just like people, dogs need a diet that is tailor-made to their bodies. Some dogs also have certain dietary restrictions. Big Al’s Pets provides pet owners with the diverse selection of dog food supplies that they need to choose from. If you’re not sure about the correct type of dog food for your puppy, adult or senior dog, you first call it to your vet. Once you know the best dog food for your pal, than shop Big Al’s Pets for all of your dog food supply needs.
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