Flea & Tick

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Rescue your dog from annoying and sometimes deadly fleas, ticks and mosquitos with our bargain-priced flea & tick shampoos, collars and gels from Big Al’s Pets. You can waste a lot of money and time relying on dime store brands that won’t do the trick. We prefer the still affordable, but powerfully effective flea and ticket remedies by top brands like Sergeant’s.

Pretect Squeeze-On Flea, Tick and Mosquito Control for Dogs by Sergeant’s will stop flea eggs laid on dogs from developing into biting adults, and this easy-to-use protection against fleas, brown dog ticks and American ticks will last two months.

Shop our line of flea and tick shampoos that are infused with special conditioners to sooth your dog’s skin and coat. We have flea collars in sizes to fit puppies and small, medium or large dogs. Treat your home, too, with professional-strength household flea sprays.
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