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Current USA eFlux Wave Pump Kits

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  • Maximum tank wall thickness 3/8" /10 mm
  • A fully expandable and upgradable kit
  • Ideal for freshwater & saltwater aquariums
  • You can install a max of 3 Wave Pumps
  • Silent operation & improves water quality

Product Description

Really bring the deep blue into your aquarium with the highly advanced Current USA eFlux Wave Pump Kit. This Kit includes everything you need in order to sync, connect and operate your marine or freshwater and fully submersible eFlux Wave Pump. With its carefully designed technology and super silent operation, it acts out multiple natural water currents to let your fish and corals experience their true environment. This kit allows you to install and operate up to 2 other eFlux Wave Pumps for an optimal hobbyist experience (total of 3 per Manifold HUB). Each Wave Pump uses a Magnetic Swivel Bracket for simple mounting to the aquarium and they have a flexible head in order to precisely direct the water flow. No other pump demonstrates tank wide circulation like the eFlux series while improving water quality at the same time.

This Kit is expandable and upgradable with the eFlux Accessory Wave Pumps, eFlux DC Flow Pumps, Orbit IC Light Manifold HUB, Orbit IC LED Lights & Loop Controller (all sold separately).

Flow Modes

  • Wave/Pulse Mode - Adjustable from 0.3 to 7.0 seconds, flow adjustable from 0% to 100%
  • Surge/Gyre Mode - Adjustable from 10 to 90 seconds, flow adjustable from 0% to 100%
  • Stream/Steady Mode - Adjustable from 0% to 100%
  • Feed Mode - Turns all pumps off for 10 minutes for coral and fish feeding (on-demand)

What's Included

  • eFlux Wave Pump
  • eFlux LED Display & Wireless Remote
  • Foam Prefilter
  • Wave Pump Manifold Hub (for up to 3 pumps)
  • LED Display & HUB Mounting Clips
  • IR Sensor & micro USB Cable
  • Protective cable wrapping
  • UL approved Transformer
  • Instructions

One year manufacturers warranty.

Additional Information

SKU 73654-M
Brand Current USA

Additional Information

SKU 73654-M
Brand Current USA

More about the brand

Based in Vista, California, Current USA is an aquarium technology company that is specializes in developing solutions to modernize and simplify various aspects of the aquarium hobby. From water pumps and filtration systems to advanced lighting and wireless control, Current USA is a leader in specialized aquarium equipment. With over 25 years of aquarium lighting innovation under their belt, the company owns some of the most popular brands in the aquarium lighting category, including Orbit Marine LEDs, Satellite Freshwater LEDs, and TrueLumen Pro Retrofit LEDs. Their eFlux line of wave and DC flow pumps are great for creating wide water circulation, improving water quality and promoting strong coral growth and fish health. Their latest innovation, LOOP, is the first wireless control system designed to connect and sync aquarium lights, pumps and accessories into a single network that is controllable via an IR remote or the intuitive LOOP app. Current USA also manufactures other aquarium products such as their SunPaq and SmartPaq compact fluorescent lamps, their AquaChef automatic fish feeders, and their Subcurrent internal filtration systems. Check out our selection of Current USA's aquarium equipment and products available here at Big Al's Pets.