Stain & Odor Control

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Your cat stain and odor problems end here. At Big Al’s Pets, we have the lowest prices on liquids, wipes and powders to erase stains and disappear those awful litter box smells. Shop kitty litter box powders made from volcanic minerals to neutralize litter box smells while absorbing moisture to prolong the life of your litter.

We carry the economy-size Just-for-Cats Orange-Oxy Power Stain & Older Remover by Nature’s Miracle in the one-gallon size to deep clean your carpets. Nature Miracle’s 3-in-1 Cat Odor Destroyer relies on its triple-action bio-enzymatic formula to rid the air, fabrics and hard surfaces of nasty smells. Instead of masking the stink, the bio-enzymes literally break down the composition of the odors.

Discover how fast you can deodorize your cat litter box with convenient litter box wipes with a quilted design to scour away dried-on pet wastes. This is your one-stop shop for all your cat’s needs — from toys, training crates and carriers to liter boxes and flea and tick control.