Grooming Supplies

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Grooming your cat has never been easier. Today’s smartly designed cleansers, combs, clippers and brushes are safe, proven grooming tools designed especially for cats and kittens. With our everyday markdowns, you’ll enjoy the lowest prices at Big Al’s Pets.

Professional pet groomers recommend our Ultimate Touch Cat Claw Clipper by Four Paws. We like the comfortable finger holes that are designed for control while clipping. Our kitty brushes will restore a healthy sheen to your cat’s coat while removing tangles and dead, unwanted hairs.

Furminator’s shed control cloths for cats catch and hold loose surface hair to keep cat shedding at bay. Try the de-shedding tool by Furminator that safely removes loose hair while reducing hairball challenges. This tool with a patented stainless steel edge is available in styles for longhaired cats and shorthair felines. Shop our collection of cat shampoos, too.