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Did you know that kittens and cats do not eat the same food? It’s true. Just like babies and adults don’t have the same nutrition requirements, the same principal applies to adult cats and kittens. Kittens actually require more fats and proteins than older cats. They also need more calories.

Kittens should eat food specifically designed for kittens until they reach the one year mark. However, when in doubt always ask your vet. Once you know the best food for your cat or kitten, head to Big Al’s Pets to find the top brands at the most affordable prices.

Big Al’s Pets has a diverse selection of cat and kitten food that includes all the big names such as Blue Diamond, Applaws, Pure Stream and more. Pick from formulas designed for kittens, indoor cats and grown cats. Looking for specific flavors or organic? You’ll find it at Big Al’s Pets. It’s the cat’s meow when it comes to cat food.
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