Zoo Med Avian Plus Bird Vitamins
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Zoo Med Avian Plus Bird Vitamins

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  • Only feed powder as a supplement to your small, medium or large bird
  • Maintains healthy done development for juveniles and strong shells
  • Maintains proper calcium metabolism for your breeding female birds
  • Calcium based powdered formula which has 16 beneficial amino acids
  • Contains a preservative free orange flavor for a more enhanced taste

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Product Description

The Zoo Med Avian Plus Bird Vitamins keep your bird strong and healthy throughout the year. This formula is broken up into a fine powder allowing it to easily bond to seeds, with added preservative free orange flavoring to attract your bird. Juveniles and strong shells will benefit healthy bone development while breeding females will maintain proper calcium metabolism. This is possible because our Avian Plus Vitamins are calcium based and include 16 isolated amino acids to even improve your pets digestion and color!

This vitamin powder should only be fed as a supplement. Simply sprinkle the appropriate amount of powder over your bird's seeds three times weekly.
  • Small birds like Canaries, Parakeets and Finches; feed 1/8 tablespoon per serving
  • Medium birds like Conures, Cockatiels and Pigeons; feed 1/4 tablespoon per serving
  • Large birds like Parrots, Cockatoos and Macaws; feed 1/2 tablespoon per serving

Additional Information

SKU 78107-M
Brand Zoo Med

Additional Information

SKU 78107-M
Brand Zoo Med

More about the brand

Zoo Med Laboratories is a leader in the exotic pet products industry. Since their founding in 1977, Zoo Med has proved their passion for animals through ongoing research and innovation in key areas such as pet habitat, pet nutrition and pet behavior. A hobbyist-driven company, Zoo Med strives to deliver products that provide hobbyists with exactly what they need to keep their pets happy and healthy. Zoo Med owns and operates a sophisticated greenhouse and incubation facility that houses over 90 species of reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. By keeping and breeding these species as pets, Zoo Med's researchers are able to better understand the needs of these animals as well as the hobbyists that keep them. Check out our wide selection of Zoo Med products for fish, reptiles, and birds here at Big Al's Pets.