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December 2018 - Coral Cheer!

As the skies fill with snow and the oceans grow cold, the world is overtaken with glee for the holiday season. Warm corals with vibrant colors emanate a cheerful presence, celebrating in their own way down at the ocean’s floor. The temperature may have chilled, but spirits have grown warmer, ready and hopeful for whatever gifts the New Year may bring.

Themed Aquarium of the Month December 2018 - Coral Cheer!

This aquascape is a saltwater concept that makes heavy use of artificial corals to bring a warm, hot-cocoa-like holiday atmosphere to your aquarium. This aquascape can thus be paired with freshwater, bringing a brilliant & colorful reef atmosphere to your freshwater aquarium. Because everything is inert (substrate, rocks, corals), there are no buffering agents - meaning any fish (fresh or salt) can thrive in this environment. The rock formations are designed to provide optimal space for fish to swim through - or hide in, if they so please. The artificial corals have been carefully placed to obey the rule of thirds. The peak occurs at the second third from the left, creating an aesthetically pleasing effect

  • Themed Aquarium of the Month December2018 - Coral Cheer!
  • Themed Aquarium of the Month December2018 - Coral Cheer!
  • Themed Aquarium of the Month December2018 - Coral Cheer!

Corals with protusions are used to break and soften the harsh feeling of escalation, creating a better distribution of surface areas for a smoother peak. These decorations are best affixed with epoxy putty, which creates a stable bond out of a safe, neutral substance with a neutral color. The corals used in this month’s theme are all inspired by SPS (Small Polyp Stony) and LPS (Large Polyp Stony) corals. These sorts of corals are typically harder to keep - but with artificial replicas, there’s no difficulty!

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