Cage Accessories

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Trust America’s small pet pros for the best small animal pet cage accessories. Our cage accessory kits at Big Al’s Pets create a happier, healthier home for your furry little friends. Because we’re the leader in pet supplies, we stand behind our lowest negotiated prices with our famous price-match guarantee.

Rabbits and other small mammals can snack on our hay mangers that you can conveniently attach inside any wire cage. They’re perfect for alfalfa, timothy hay and fresh vegetables for snacking and chewing. Give your mouse, gerbil, hamster or other little pet extra space to roam with our attachable or standalone critter trail kits.

Your precocious little chinchillas can cool off on our granite rock pet cage accessory. The stone surface is cooler than room temperature. We also have special bathing houses for furry chinchillas that prefer to self-cleanse with sand versus water.

We carry pan covers for ferret cages and veggie basket treat holders for guinea pigs and rabbits. Also shop our specialty pet litter pans for small animal cages.