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Creating the right terrarium environment is critical to your pet’s health and happiness. At Big Al’s, it’s easy to make sure you pick the right substrate since we offer such a diverse selection of products. Whether you have a chameleon, snake, tortoise, lizard or another reptilian pet, we offer high-quality substrates that will make their home feel as natural as nature itself. With so many options, customizing your pet’s home is a breeze.

At Big Al’s, you’ll find dozens of amazing reptile substrate products from which to choose. We have natural terrarium moss that both reptiles and amphibians love. For those who like to dig, our burrowing substrates offer a great natural release. Meanwhile, coconut fiber substrates can help increase humidity. We even have ground English walnut shells to provide comfortable bedding for your reptile pets. All these and so much more are available when you purchase your terrarium substrates from us. Make Big Al’s your go-to resource for high-quality, name brand reptile care and terrarium products.
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