Artificial Plants

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To make your reptiles feel truly at home, it’s important to create a terrarium habitat that feels like the real thing. These artificial plants from Big Al’s Pets may not require water or sunlight, but they still feel just like what you’d find in nature. Your pet won’t know the difference with these durable, high-quality plants, each of which can last for years and requires absolutely no maintenance. You’ll find all kinds of artificial plant varieties, making it easy to find one that’s best suited to your pet, whether you have a snake, a turtle, a lizard or another terrarium pet.

In addition to making a terrarium look more natural, these artificial plants also make your pets feel more comfortable in your home. Many reptiles seek bush plants to hide or rest in a shady, safe space. By adding in a few plants, you’ll make them feel more at ease in their terrarium habitat. If you want to create a custom, natural-feeling space for your pet, then order some of these affordable artificial terrarium plants from Big Al’s Pets. With the right fake plants, reptile enclosures can be even more suited to your specific pet.