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Planning and designing a pond properly will ensure that your wonderful investment will last for many years to come. Once you have your size and style, make sure to think about a high-quality pond liner. Pond liners are an important step in the pond design. Of course, a pond liner acts like a seal, keeping the water in. However, a pond liner also helps to maintain the life and health of the pond. When thinking about the best type of pond liner, be sure to consider size, budget, the types of fish and wildlife in the area as well as maintenance and longevity. At Big Al’s Pet, you will definitely find an excellent selection of high-quality pond liners that will get the job done in your pond. Plastic or rubber pond liners are inexpensive and often ideal for smaller ponds. However, they typically last about ten years or so. This is why it’s important to take longevity into account when picking your pond liner. Explore the pond liner selection at Big Al’s Pets to find the best for your new indoor or outdoor oasis.