Algae Control

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Don’t let algae bring you down. Instead, keep your pond water looking clean, clear and fresh with helpful algae control products from Big Al’s Pets. These liquid solutions and granular mixes are simple to use and fast-acting. They break down algae and other harmful, unattractive materials that you want to get rid of. Just apply them and watch as they work quickly to create a cleaner pond environment. These are affordable, simple solutions that any pond owner can turn to again and again for fast results.

For longer-term solutions to your algae woes, we also carry some electronic water treatment systems that can be installed in your pond. Even with fish and plants in your pond, these treatment systems can safely remove algae and other materials to create a cleaner environment and clearer water. Many of our customers have found this product to be a great investment in the long-term success and quality of their indoor or outdoor pond. Whatever your needs and your budget, Big Al’s has a great algae control option for your pond.