Saltwater Mixes

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Maintaining perfect water conditions is a little trickier with saltwater than it is with freshwater. We know how hard it is to find quality products to help you achieve the right salt levels in your aquarium, which is why we’ve tracked down these top saltwater mixes. At Big Al’s Pets, you’ll find a great selection of salt mixes for your water that are healthy and safe for your fish and other inhabitants. We’ve found great products from trusted name brands like Instant Ocean and Red Sea to ensure you get the best results every time. In addition, you’ll find convenient hydrometers to ensure that you maintain proper and stable salinity levels in your aquarium water.

Because you only want the best when it comes to quality and price, you’ll love that many of our aquarium saltwater mixes are regularly on sale. In addition to our sale items, every product on our site is competitively priced to ensure that you never overpay for your aquarium essentials. Lastly, we make it easy to shop for the saltwater mixes that suit your needs, which is why each product is clearly labeled to indicate how many gallons of saltwater it will make.