Protein Skimmers

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Don’t overlook the importance of a protein skimmer when maintaining a saltwater or reef aquarium. In these settings, it’s easy for fish waste and other contaminants to build up in the water. In either case, a protein skimmer will remove these waste products from your aquarium water to help you maintain a healthier environment for all of its living inhabitants. At Big Al’s Pets, you’ll find a great selection of high-quality protein skimmers that are easy to set up and use.

Because they are so effective in getting rid of waste, protein skimmers have a number of added benefits. By helping to maintain clearer, cleaner water, they help prevent the growth of algae and harmful microorganisms. Additionally, they make it easier for light to reach light-demanding corals, etc. Most importantly, protein skimmers can help to extend the lives of your fish and other aquarium inhabitants. Invest in one of these affordable and indispensable accessories, and provide the healthiest environment possible for your aquatic pets.