Epoxies & Propagation Equipment

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  • Ista Coral Frag Plug - 10 pk
    • Designed to help promote the success of fragging
    • Frags attach to the larger flat surface of the plugs
    • Plug legs fit perfectly into standard egg crate racks
    • Enable attachment to surfaces such as live rock
    • This package contains 10 white coral frag plugs
    CAD 15.99
    CAD 15.99
  • Ista Multi-Function Coral Rack - Black
    • Ideal tool to utilize during the propagation of coral
    • Each piece of pblack plastic grid measures 12" by 12"
    • Pieces easily join together to create custom-sized racks
    • Accommodates several different kinds of plugs and discs
    • Efficiently stores and assists with the growth of coral frags
    CAD 7.99
    CAD 7.99

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  • Ista Instant Glue - 4 g - 25 pk
    • Suitable for saltwater or freshwater aquariums
    • Applicable on dry or wet surfaces, or under water!
    • Ideal for adhering decorations, plants, coral, and more
    • Completely safe for any of your aquarium inhabitants
    • This package contains 25 individual 4 gram tubes
    CAD 59.99
    CAD 59.99
  • CorAffix Little Pro - 59 ml
    • This is a super strong cyanoacrylate adhesive gel for aquascape bonding
    • Bonds coral frags, stony corals, gorgonians or other sessile invertebrates
    • Barely visible after drying on surfaces for optimal results, Made in the USA!
    CAD 29.99
    CAD 29.99
  • Seachem Coral Plugs
    • Chemically advanced plugs are ideal for growing most corals, polyps and sessile invertebrates
    • Enhanced with calcium and magnesium to stimulate & secure growth
    • Diamond shape encourages rapid spread and encrusting
    CAD 9.99
    CAD 9.99