TrueLumen Pro Series Dual LED Striplight Kits

TrueLumen Pro Series Dual LED Striplight Kits

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TrueLumen Pro Series Dual LED Striplight Kit - 46 W - 36" 2

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  • Simple, all-in-one LED lighting solution
  • Delivers brilliant shimmer, color rendition, and growth
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Ultra-bright, energy efficient LEDs
  • Includes independent in-line dimmer control

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Product Description

The TrueLumen Pro Dual LED Striplight Kit is a simple, all-in-one lighting solution designed for both the first time hobbyist as well as the ultimate aquatic specialist. This innovative and versatile system is designed to satisfy the lighting requirements of marine fish, fish-only with live rock (FOWLR), and mixed reef aquariums. The Kit includes two Pro Series 12" LED striplights with UL listed low voltage power supply, 3 way splitter, aluminum mounting brackets, swivel canopy brackets, 2 in-line dimmers, and instruction manual.

Each Pro Series striplight is packed with ultra-bright, energy-efficient LEDs that rival the output of even the brightest T5 fluorescent lamps. The first striplight boasts the perfect blend of 12,000K white and 453nm blue (Marine Fusion), while the second striplight provides additional 453nm blue light (Deepwater Blue). Together, these LEDs emit a brilliant spectrum of light that produces breathtaking shimmer, stunning color effects, and improved growth of your aquarium's inhabitants. Two fully adjustable in-line dimmers (with on/off switches) enable you to independently control the striplights' brightness with the turn of a dial, and the fanless design ensures silent operation.

The TrueLumen Pro Series LED striplights are protected by sleek and low-profile extruded aluminum housings that are completely water-resistant. Using the included adjustable brackets, they can be mounted directly to your aquarium frame. Alternatively, you can retrofit the striplights inside your existing canopy with the included swivel canopy brackets. Also designed as a retrofit for all-in-one nano aquariums (e.g. BioCubes), this kit installs easily to convert your existing system to LED. The super safe TrueLumen Pro Dual LED Striplight Kit delivers maximum performance with minimal presence.

*BONUS* - The TrueLumen Pro Dual LED Striplight Kit includes a FREE 24 hour light timer!

Additional Information

SKU 73692-M
Brand TrueLumen

Additional Information

SKU 73692-M
Brand TrueLumen

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Based in Vista, California, Current USA is an aquarium technology company that is specializes in developing solutions to modernize and simplify various aspects of the aquarium hobby. From water pumps and filtration systems to advanced lighting and wireless control, Current USA is a leader in specialized aquarium equipment. With over 25 years of aquarium lighting innovation under their belt, the company owns some of the most popular brands in the aquarium lighting category, including Orbit Marine LEDs, Satellite Freshwater LEDs, and TrueLumen Pro Retrofit LEDs. Their eFlux line of wave and DC flow pumps are great for creating wide water circulation, improving water quality and promoting strong coral growth and fish health. Their latest innovation, LOOP, is the first wireless control system designed to connect and sync aquarium lights, pumps and accessories into a single network that is controllable via an IR remote or the intuitive LOOP app. Current USA also manufactures other aquarium products such as their SunPaq and SmartPaq compact fluorescent lamps, their AquaChef automatic fish feeders, and their Subcurrent internal filtration systems. Check out our selection of Current USA's aquarium equipment and products available here at Big Al's Pets.