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  • Sybon Opticon Series Salinity Refractometer - FG100sa
    • High-precision, dual-scale instrument for marine/reef hobbyists
    • Measures salinity (0-100ppt) & specific gravity (1.000-1.070 S.G.)
    • With Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC): 10-30°C
    • Aluminum alloy construction and premium optical refractive lens
    • Includes case, ultra-pure water, dropper, calibration key, and more!
    CAD 99.99
    CAD 99.99
  • Tropic Eden Pro-1 Normal Seawater Refractometer
    • High-precision, dual-scale instrument for measuring salt to water
    • Measures salinity (0-45ppt) & specific gravity (1.000-1.0350 S.G)
    • With Automatic Temperature Compensation 59-113 °F/15-45 °C
    • Features high density alloy material for optimal heat conduction
    • Includes a user manual, 2 pipettes, calibration key and safe pouch
    CAD 119.99
    CAD 119.99