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  • Skim350 Micro Surface Skimmer
    • Designed for use in aquariums up to 92 gallons
    • Removes dust, oily films, and microorganisms from water's surface
    • Promotes proper gas exchange for a healthier aquarium
    • Driven by 80 gph pump with adjustable flow control
    • Self-adjusting float compensates for water evaporation
    CAD 49.99
    CAD 49.99
  • Fluval Surface Skimmer
    The Fluval aquarium surface skimmer draws water from the surface of the aquarium eliminating undesirable surface films.
    CAD 19.99
    CAD 19.99
  • Eheim Surface Skimmer
    Use on the intake side of your canister filter. Quietly removes surface sludge and protein build-up. This product can hook up to any canister filter with a flow rate up to 200 gph.
    CAD 67.99
    CAD 67.99
  • Ista Surface Skimmer
    • Eliminates surface films caused by protein and organisms
    • Improves the exchange of oxygen and penetration of light
    • Self-floating design adjusts according to the water level
    • Marine aquariums with no surface overflow benefit greatly
    • Easy to install and maintain - fits all types of canister filters
    CAD 12.99
    CAD 12.99
  • Hagen AquaClear Quick Filter Powerhead Attachment
    The Large Quick Filter attachment converts AquaClear Power heads into powerful filters for rapid removal of most particulate waste. The extra large central core holds an ample supply of granular filter material for supplementary filtration.
    CAD 16.99
    CAD 16.99
  • Xaqua InOut Complete Overflow System
    • Complete easy-to-install drainage and return system
    • Mounted externally with no impact on tank volume
    • Rates for a maximum pump capacity of 660 gallons per hour
    • Hydrodynamic Pulsing feature reduces noise and creates waves
    • No moving parts and no additional fittings required
    CAD 139.99
    CAD 139.99
  • Tom Aquatics Pre-Filter for Aqua Lifter
    • Suction pre-filter captures free-floating debris
    • Prevents detritus accumulation in your Aqua-Lifter pump
    • Helps ensure optimal pump performance
    • Transparent casing shows when insert requires replacement
    • Installs with standard airline tubing
    CAD 7.99
    CAD 7.99
  • Eheim Skim350 Micro Surface Impeller
    • Suitable for 350 litre freshwater and saltwater aquariums
    • Removes the mould film, dust, oils and fats from fish food
    • Generates high oxygenated and super clear surface water
    • Encourages your aquarium water with ideal gas exchange
    • May be used for as a short term use or for a long term use
    CAD 11.99
    CAD 11.99