Filter Media

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At Big Al’s Pets, we offer the best selection of aquarium filter media, including biological, chemical, and mechanical varieties. These products are essential for ensuring effective aquarium filtration for a healthier fish habitat. Keeping up with aquarium maintenance requires much less time when you use the right filter media since these products are always actively working to create a cleaner, healthier environment for your fish. And when you shop at Big Al’s, you’ll also save time by getting all different types of media you need in one convenient place.

Our selection of aquarium filter media includes over 400 high-quality products. In addition to biological filter media, you’ll also find activated carbon, diatom media, mechanical media, and more. We also carry other accessories you need to properly filter your aquarium, such as filter media bags, replacement cartridges, deionization cartridges, reverse osmosis membranes, etc. With so many options, any fish keeper can find the exact products they need to keep their water clean and their fish happy and healthy.
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