Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5-HO Fixtures

Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5-HO Fixtures

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Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5-HO Fixture - 4 x 39 W - 36" 6

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The Coralife High Output T5 4-Lamp Lunar Aqualight Fixtures feature: Directional lunar blue LEDs, separate power cords for independent control of the 10,000K, 420nm Actinic, and LED lamps, integrated cooling fans, and much more!

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Product Description

This 24" Coralife High Output T5 4-Lamp Lunar Aqualight Fixture embodies high performance lighting for saltwater and reef aquarium environments. With its sleek and low-profile design, this cutting-edge fixture boasts the following incredible features:
  • 4 High Output T5 lamps to create the perfect balance of light for your fish and corals (2 x 24W 10,000K and 2 x 24W 420nm Actinic)
  • Directional lunar blue LEDs (x2) that can be manually adjusted to provide moon glow accent lighting throughout your aquarium
  • Separate power cords for independent control of the 10,000K, 420nm Actinic, and LED lamps
  • Powder-coated aluminum housing for durable, long-term use in and around a moist environment
  • Acrylic Splash guard to protect the contained bulbs and electrical components from moisture damage
  • Integrated cooling fans for powerful heat management, with quick disconnect coupling for easy replacement

10,000K High Output T5 Lamps: 10,000K high-intensity daylight lamps cast sparkling bright white rays, and provide high lumen output to simulate the midday tropical sun. Fish, corals, macroalgae, and plants all thrive in their glow! An excellent choice for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

420nm Actinic High Output T5 Lamps: 420 nanometer Actinic lamps emulate the softer shades of blue light found at dawn, dusk, and in deeper water. These blue hued lights promote photosynthesis in corals and live plants, while enhancing the natural beauty and vibrant colors of aquarium inhabitants.

Box Contents:
  • 24" HO-T5 Fixture with 2 LED moonlights
  • 4 x 24W HO-T5 Lamps (10,000K & 420nm Actinic)
  • 1 x LED Transformer with rocker switch
  • 2-piece adjustable mounting leg set
  • Setup Instruction Manual

Additional Information

SKU 10802-M
Brand Coralife

Additional Information

SKU 10802-M
Brand Coralife

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Now a subsidiary of Central Garden & Pet Company, Energy Savers Unlimited (ESU) was founded in 1981 in Carson, United States and has since grown to become the market leading U.S. supplier of sophisticated aquarium lighting systems as well as environmental controls and conditioners. ESU is particularly well known for their specialized, high intensity lighting systems designed specifically for the aquatic, reptile and avian hobbyist markets. The company also markets and sells a broad range of reptile, marine, freshwater and avian accessories and consumables to hobbyists and enthusiasts. It sells its products under the brand names Energy Savers, Coralife, Pondlife, and Birdlife. Browse our catalogue of Aqueon products for new and experienced fishkeepers here at Big Al's Pets.