Health Care

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We’ve done all the homework, so you won’t have to in searching for the best health care products for your beloved cat. Our more than three decades in the business means we also know how to negotiate the lowest prices on top brands. That’s how we can afford to offer our price-match guarantee.

We have powerfully effective cat hairball remedy paste by Excel that helps hairballs pass easily through your cat’s digestive system. Choose our special formulation for longhair cats. Give your kitty this paste every day to prevent future hairball buildups.

Calm your cat in stressful situations with the Calming Collar by Sentry. It’s infused with soothing herbs like chamomile. We also carry Sentry’s Calming Spray, which has a scent that mimics the pheromone that the mother cat producer to calm her kittens. We pack this for long road trips with our cat. Shop our collection of healthy all-natural treats for cats, too.